2015 fSV Voiceover Excellence Award Recipient Warren Stevens

FSV hosts group or one-on-one introductory voiceover workshops to provide basic skills in script performances for broadcast. In addition, FSV gives the “Voiceover Excellence Award” to a deserving, minority voice talent who exemplifies excellence in the voiceover profession. The 2017 FSV Voiceover Excellence Award recipient is legendary broadcast journalist Keith C. Boyt aka KC Jones. Jones has over 35 years experience in radio programming and on-air talent.

The voiceover workshop on July 20 at WSAX 98.5 studios was well attended. Jones provided a wealth of insight about the radio industry and voiceovers. A well-deserved honor for such a broadcast icon. Congratulations, KC!

2014 fSV Voiceover Excellence Award Recipient Susan Bythewood-Russell

2012 fSV Voiceover Excellence Award Recipient Ted Williams

2013 fSV Voiceover Excellence Award Recipient Andria “The Good DivA” Williams

2017 fSV Voiceover Excellence Award Recipient KEITH C. BOYT AKA KC JONES

2017 fSV Voiceover Excellence Award Recipient KC JONES AND WORKSHOP ATTENDEES




Meet Rodney Saulsberry: Card-Carrying Member of the Golden-Voice Club!

Rodney Saulsberry is an actor, author, singer and 2011 NAACP Image Award Nominee. If you don’t know the name, you’ve heard (or seen) Saulsberry’s voiceovers on national radio and tv commercials and movie trailers. Saulsberry also hosts voiceover workshops that provide training for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the lucrative field of voiceovers.

Saulsberry is a card-carrying member  - in good standing - of the Golden-Voice Club.

Visit to sign up for one of his workshops, purchase voiceover materials and learn more about Rodney Saulsberry.